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Unit 1

1. To him, I am a tedious oddity: a father he is _____ to listen to and a man absorbed in the rules of grammar, which my son seems allergic to.

A. obliged B. likely C. parallel D. linked

2. The civilization of Greece and the glory of Roman architecture were______ in a condensed non-statement.

A. painted B. spoken C. written D. captured

3. Surely students should be able to ______ the distinctive difference between complimentary and complementary.

A. exceed B. proclaim C. distinguish D. expose

4. Friends and loved ones often proclaim they’ve just ate when, in fact, they’ve just eaten. _______, it doesn’t make any sense to criticize our students.

A. Moreover B. However C. Therefore D. Fortunately

5. Blame for the scandal of this language deficit should be thrust upon our schools, which should be setting high standards of English language ______.

A. use B. application C. ability D. proficiency

6. Schools fail to adequately teach the essential framework of language, accurate grammar and proper vocabulary, while they should take the responsibility of pushing the young onto the path of ______ communication.

A. allergic B. competent C. adequate D. precise

7. He became ______ to the idea of action words, so we listed a few more.

A. attracted B. likely C. able D. tedious

8. Within the ______ of a 10-minute drive, he had learned from scratch to the major parts of speech in a sentence.

A. span B. space C. site D. spot

9. While the road map guides your journey to your _______, an excellent vehicle helps you to fully enjoy all of the sights, sound and experiences along the way.

A. home B. success C. failure D. destination

10. Effective, precise, and ______ communication depends upon grammar and a good vocabulary, the two essential assets for students, but they are not being taught in schools.

A. correct B. incorrect C. beneficial D. harmful

11. Malcolm X’s considerable frustration at his inability to read and write ______ him on a quest to overcome his deficiencies.

A. enabled B. launched C. obliged D.sketched

12. He was born into a world full of poverty and ignorance. However, as he acquired knowledge, his horizons _____.

A. expanded B. extended C. broadened D. widened

1. When the job market worsens, many students calculate that they can’t major in English or history. They have to study something that boosts their of landing a job.

A. future B. prospects C. confidence D. tomorrow

2. In other words, a college education is more and more seen as a means for economic betterment rather than a means for human betterment.

This is a trend that is likely to and even accelerate.

A. decline B. decrease C. persist D. worsen

3. From the beginning of time, this inner aspect of our being, this drive that can be constructive or , has captured our imagination.

A. destructive B. effective C. comparative D. detective

4. It is easy to say that the humanities can prepare us for many different careers and jobs we can whether medicine, business, science or entertainment.

A. enjoy B. earn C. undertake D. compel

5. If we study only mathematics, it’s likely we will be a only for jobs as a mathematician.

A. choice B. worker C. possibilities D. candidate

6. Most importantly, studying the humanities us with great insight and self-awareness, thereby releasing our creative energy and talent in a positive and constructive manner.

A. invest B. invests C. gives D. gain

7. Doesn’t it make sense to spend some time in the company of the humanities, our

and remarkable treasure of knowledge?

A. tremendous B. huge C. outstanding D. disgusting

8. If we include studying the humanities, we can make on many barriers and are limited to only by our effort and imagination.

A. progress B. success C. through D. breakthrough

9. Since ancient times, people have about the mystery of those inner forces that drive some people to greatness and others to self-destruction.

A. applied B. speculated C. thought D. prepared

10. This body of work from ancient times, the very foundation of civilization, forms the basis of study of the humanities.

A. rich B. liberal C. fertile D. elegant

11. Not only are there not jobs in the world-saving fields, but in the current slowdown it has become evident that there never are enough promising jobs, presumably never will be, that require a higher education.

A. sufficient B. insufficient C. adequate D. inadequate

12. Let’s the facts.The New York Timesreports close to 80 percent of new jobs can be performed by someone without a college degree.

A. recognize B. acknowledge C. understand D. realize

1.In __________ times, people didn’t have a solid idea of childhood as being separate from adulthood.

A.Prior B. Former C. Previous D. Preceded

2.They would now find a __________ job which would lead to a career.

A.Sensible B. Sensitive C. Sensiful D. Sensed

3.The odyssey years can ________ young people ________ enormous pressure to move forward quickly.

A.Shoulder... On..... B. Saddle... With... C. Burden... In... D. Deal... With...

4.Many young people _________ to computer games, iPods, iPhones, or iPads to help distract them from their pain and stress.

A.Retreat B. Resort C. Assort D. Desort

5. Today we have an _________ need to recognize a new phase of life that comes after high school education .

A. Equal B. Equalized C. Equalizing D. equivalent

6. Everything seems to _________ a less permanent version of itself.

A. Take way to B. Give way to C. Give up to D. Take into

7. Considering all of this, it’s beneficial to know that even though graduates are delaying many things after college, surveys show they still hold highly traditional aspiration.

A. Think of B. Considered C. Thought D. Considering

8. So, from the ________, keep your resume professional and up-to-date.

A. Setout B. Outlook C. Outback D. outset

9. Someday you will look back and ___________ the vast changes as you passed through the odyssey years.

A. Wander at B. Wonder at C. Wander about D. Wonder about

10. These challenges can be overcome by __________ ourselves with them, such as the child’s need to learn, the adult’s need to find the right career and build a family.

A. Acquainting B. Acquiring C. Acknowledging D. Acquitting

11. I hated the work, finding it _________ and dull! I was miserable!

A. Vacant B. Vacuum C. Empty D. Hollow

12. If there is no light on, I’ll ________ myself _________ your decision and just keep on going.

A. design... From... B. Assign... From... C. Resign...to... D. consign... to...

1.He had failed all his courses, , he was going to be expelled from the university.

A.consequently B. subsequently C. subsequent D. consequent

2. At his core, he is always a perfect gentleman and a lot of credit for that.

A. reserves B. conserves C. deserves D. preserves

3. Once we became steadies, he his studies and social life, passing all of his classes.

A. coordinate B. coordinated C. cooperate D. coexist

4. Filled with deep emotion , I my love for him, “how romantic!”

A. congress B. confess C. confession D. confect

5. I really loved him but was _________ about our chances for success.

A. classic B. optimistic C. realistic D. pessimistic

6. Butch took me by surprise as he knelt down and marriage holding a dozen of red roses!

A. supposed B. proposed C. imposed D. exposed

7. I had nearly achieved a great education, and graduation was just one ________away.

A. semester B. mile C. master D. meter

8. I liked the attention but was ________ about his wild, dynamic personality.

A. tedious B. cared C. fond D. cautious

9. I was not _________ to his personality, but I was scared.

A. immature B. immune C. attracted D. concerned

10. But I hadn’t had any fun; my life was stable with no _________ of fun!

A. compliment B. complainment C. component D. complement

11. Because of my traditional upbringing,the simple notion of asking you out seems .

A. abnormal B. normal C. absorbed D. abandoned

12. To him,my gesture of offering to pay had a message of rejection.

A. consorted B. condensed C. contacted D. conveyed

1.I think that the messages we get from our environment seem to _______ common sense and contradict each other.

A. defy B. defeat C. resist D. define

2. The government tells us to spend or we'll never get out of the _____.

A. depression B. downturn C. recession D. decline

3.Then, as soon as we pay, we get a follow-up email in a charming tone telling us how valuable a customer we are and encouraging us to ______ spending.

A. restart B. resume C. proceed D. regain

4.Work hard and save. Suspend your desires. Avoid luxuries. Control your ______ for more than you truly need.

A. hunger B. willingness C. appetite D. appreciate

5.I derive pleasure from nice things and feel ______ by them.

A. nourished B. cherished C. furnished D. encouraged

6.Today I'll buy new ski equipment, look at new ______ cars, and buy that camera I've always wanted.

A. influence B. impact C. compact D. compressed

7.What happens as we take in these contradictory but ______ messages?

A. expressing B. explicit C. clear D. definite

8.On the other hand, a little voice inside us ______ those upright messages:......

A. responds B. repeats C. echoes D. eclipses

9.Consider your financial well-being as a key ______ of your university education as money worries are extremely stressful and distracting.

A. element B. ingredient C. factor D. part

10.Consider ______ with your school's financial aid office or seek input from your parents or other respected adults in setting up a budget.

A.conferring B. consulting C. asking D. consenting

11. With the confidence that a ______ of my finances would reveal the sheer weakness of my profile, I completed the form and submitted it.

A. prove B. probe C. problem D. predict

12. Making matters worse, I lost one part-time job and with it my output of ______ grew ever smaller, like those now long-dead roses.

A.functions B. furniture C. fond D. funds

1. The next time you're deciding between_______options, one which is primary and the other which is secondary, ask yourself this question: What would Xiang Yu do?

A. competition B. contest C. rival D. player

2. Xiang Yu was a Chinese imperial general in the 3rdcentury BC who took his troops across the Zhang River on a raid into enemy_______.

A. country B. state C. territory D. sphere

3. He explained that he was imposing on them a necessity for_______ victory over their opponents.

A. getting B. attaining C. obtaining D. containing

4. But the genius of General Xiang Yu's conviction would be_______both on the battlefield and in modern social science research.

A. consolidated B. constructed C. validated D. invalidated

5. In an experiment that ________decision-making, hundreds of students couldn't bear to let their options vanish, even though it was clear they would profit from doing so.

A. investigated B. invested C. contained D. searched

6. Therefore, the winning strategy was to quickly check all the doors and keep clicking on the one with the seemingly highest ________.

A. awards B. rewards C. regards D. paid

7. Since they already understood the game, they should have _____ the vanishing doors.

A. ignored B. emphasized C. stressed D. stimulated

8. Since conducting the door experiment, Dr. Ariely says he has made a conscious effort to ________ his load.

A. shorten B. loosen C. lighten D. lessen

9. What pleasure and satisfaction can be _______ from focusing our energy and attention in a more concentrated fashion?

A. derived B. strived C. deprived D. driven

10. What doors should we close in order to______the right windows of opportunity and happiness to open?

A. make B. permit C. have D. allow

11. The trouble was, with all those options _______ in front of me, I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

A. contributed B. distributed C. substituted D. constituted

12. Use your college years to stir your heart and ________ your life.

A. refresh B. resave C. renew D. rescue

Unit 6

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